Holacracy Whitepaper

Discover a Better Way of Working

As the peer-to-peer revolution reshapes marketplaces and business models, disruptive companies are also rethinking their internal structures and processes, abandoning top-down hierarchy in favor of decentralized models of management.

One of the most robust and comprehensive approaches available is the Holacracy® system—as used by Zappos, Precision Nutrition and others—which provides a proven model for making companies more flexible, more adaptable, and more responsive to change.

This whitepaper provides an overview of Holacracy and presents its core elements.



Holacracy replaces the traditional pyramid-shaped management hierarchy with a structure based on the idea of holarchy (see page 7). A holarchy looks like a series of nested circles. Each circle (i.e. team) is made up of a set of roles, grouped together around a specific function—whether it be a specific project team, a department, a support function, or a business line. Some circles will contain sub-circles, and all are contained within the largest super-circle, usually called the “General Company Circle.”


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