Holacracy empowers people to make meaningful decisions in pursuit of your organization’s purpose.

Holacracy is a customizable self-management
practice for organizations

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Agile organizational structure


More autonomy to teams and individuals


Unique decision-making process

Why Holacracy?

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  • “In Holacracy, one of the principles is to make the implicit explicit — tons of it is about creating clarity: who is in charge of what, who is taking what kind of decision — and there is also a system for defining that, and changing that, so it’s very flexible at the same time.”
    Evan Williams Co-Founder, Twitter
  • “The Holacracy model rocked my world.”
    David Allen Author of Getting Things Done
  • In a city, people and businesses are self-organizing … [Holacracy] enables employees to act more like entrepreneurs and self-direct their work instead of reporting to a manager who tells them what to do.”
    Tony Hsieh CEO, Zappos
  • “Holacracy has changed people’s ability to self-realize within the organization … these individuals just get it, they understand the ways to lead people in a self-management system, and they’ve risen to that occasion, and they’ve sort of blossomed.”
    Michael DeAngelo CIO, Washington Technology Solutions
  • “We are very well-managed, very well-structured, I think, and there’s a lot of clarity. People know what’s expected of them. People know where we want to go. People know where the team or their circle wants to go, and all of that without managers. That really feels good.”
    Ruben Timmerman Founder, Springest

1000+ Organizations already run with Holacracy


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Holacracy Book

by Brian J.Robertson

This is currently the best all-in-one resource for anyone interested in learning the principles behind Holacracy as well as the concrete method for using it.

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How to Adopt Holacracy

HolacracyOne and our network of Holacracy Providers can help you adopt Holacracy in your organization. We offer coaching support to increase your chances of a successful adoption and resources if you want to do most of the work yourself.


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