In Traditional Companies

  • Job descriptions
    Each person has exactly one job. Job descriptions are imprecise, rarely updated, and often irrelevant. 
  • Delegated Authority
    Managers loosely delegate authority. Ultimately, their decision always trumps others.
  • Big Re-Orgs
    The org structure is rarely revisited, mandated from the top.
  • Office Politics
    Implicit rules slow down change and favor people “in the know”.

With Holacracy

  • Roles
    Roles are defined around the work, not people, and are updated regularly. People fill several roles.
  • Distributed Authority
    Authority is truly distributed to teams and roles. Decisions are made locally.
  • Rapid Iterations
    The org structure is regularly updated via small iterations. Every team self-organizes.
  • Transparent Rules
    Everyone is bound by the same rules, CEO included. Rules are visible to all.


Working on the Team

“If you can redesign the organization or change the organization such that that information does flow more effectively throughout the organization, then you would expect the organization to make better decisions, to make faster decisions and respond to problems more quickly, and to learn faster.”

– Mike Lee, Harvard Business School

Rules of the Game

“The structure allows you the freedom. Much like the structure in the roads… If it’s an appropriate structure, it allows you to think about other things while you drive.”

– David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

Crystal Clarity

“You know, you have an organization with 50 people, we have 300+ roles now, and still people can just find the right person for something on their first day. That’s magic.”

– Ruben Timmerman, Springest

A Protected Space

“We know that learning happens when people feel comfortable sharing, speaking up, raising issues, and when there actually is less power and status dynamics that are preventing that type of open dialogue and open sharing. Power generally gets in the way of learning. That’s something that we know…”

– Mike Lee, Harvard Business School

Inside the Holacracy Practice

Learn more about some of our Holacracy adopters and their experience with self-management.

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Will It Work for My Organization?

Attend a Holacracy experience near you or speak with one of our advisors to find out.

“It’s really the experience of Holacracy. You can see it from the outside in. You can read about it. You can understand it cognitively, but man, it makes such a difference when you actually are in it.”

– David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

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