Maintaining Certification

Certified Holacracy Coach Credential

To maintain the Coach or Master Coach credential, individuals need to engage in at least 40 hours of continuing education in a rolling two-year period. Continuing education is designed to ensure coaches remain up to date with Master Coach messaging.

As defined by the Certification Standards, the Certified Holacracy Coach and Certified Holacracy Master Coach credentials last as long as the coach engages in at least 40 hours of HolacracyOne-approved continuing education for Coaches in a rolling two-year period. The threshold of 40 hours of continuing education must be met each year, but based on the number of hours spent on continuing education in the prior two years, on a rolling basis.

Trainings and other continuing education completed before achieving the Coach Certification or Master Coach Certification — but within the same calendar period — do count towards this required threshold for that first year of certification. Certifications expire 12-15 months after the Facilitation Assessment, at the end of the calendar quarter (March, June, Sept, Dec) in which the credential was earned.

Activities that earn continuing education hours include attending Holacracy trainings, coaching at Holacracy trainings, and attending related events. The full list of HolacracyOne-Approved Continuing Education events is here.

To earn your Continuing Education hours:

  1. Participate in an accredited event

  2. Log hours in your personalized Continuing Education Log, which you received in your certification email

If you don’t reach the threshold to maintain your certification and it expires, you also have the option of renewing it by retaking the Tactical and Governance Assessments.

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