How to Prepare

Governance Facilitation Assessment

The Governance Assessment is a measurement of Holacracy facilitation and coaching skills during governance meetings. The scenario (described below) will be the client’s fourth governance meeting as a circle, which we use to evaluate different levels of facilitation skill.

The Governance Assessment is more than an assessment. It’s also a learning tool which fills a gap our public trainings are not designed to satisfy. Therefore, in order to provide candidates the most valuable feedback possible, it is an intentionally difficult assessment.

What to Expect

The assessment is a 2-hour Governance meeting that you will be facilitating and coaching while you facilitate — as you would for a client organization. We will have 2 assessors (Certified Holacracy Coaches) following a script as if they were members of the client company.

As this assessment is also a learning opportunity, we have dedicated time for feedback. However, we will stay inside the simulation as much as possible to replicate a real meeting. After each proposal, the assessors will review your facilitation with you and provide feedback.

  • During feedback time, we will start by asking you, “How did it go?” Use that opportunity to ask us for specific feedback on something. It also allows us to understand your thought process.

  • The participants will be expecting you to “run the meeting,” however they are familiar with Zoom and to a lesser degree Glassfrog.

  • Feel free to call “timeouts” as you would normally. The assessors will call a “Real Timeout” when it’s time to debrief.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You’ll also be able to ask questions to the assessors at the beginning of the session, before the assessment starts.


The facilitation/coaching for each proposal will be scored primarily on the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Demonstrating knowledge of process mechanics

  • Neutrality of energy throughout the assessment

  • Balance between providing timely and effective coaching to seize learning opportunities and allowing participants to learn by following the process

Each facilitated proposal will be scored on a scale from 0 to 2:

  • 0 – Missed: Misses the mark, or introduces significant inaccuracies that outweigh the benefits of the response.

  • 1 – Useful: Provides useful information, and the benefits to the client outweigh potential inaccuracies or lack of nuances. (Level expected of a Certified Facilitator)

  • 2 – Empowering: Accurate and well-articulated coaching that enables the client to move forward in their specific case. No inaccuracies. (Level expected of a Certified Coach)

NOTE: The assessment is NOT scoring any initial introduction you may do as a guest Facilitator, nor the check-in, administrative concerns, and building of the agenda. The focus of the assessment is on how candidates help the participants process their governance agenda items. You will be given the choice of whether you want to do the introductory steps to ‘warm up’ or just go straight into processing agenda items.

Setup for the Governance meeting session

There will be 2 Assessors and 1 Candidate.

  • We will use GlassFrog to capture the governance proposals. Please make sure you’re familiar enough with GlassFrog to facilitate a governance meeting remotely.

  • The Secretary will be played by one of the assessors.

  • We’re going to use the Zoom platform to conduct the live virtual meeting

  • Simulation backstory: Hygean has recently adopted Holacracy, and they’ve hired your company to help them make the transition. You’ve just been added to the implementation team, and you don’t know them personally. They have already had 3 governance meetings, so it’s their 4th one.

  • Viewing the Governance Records: sometimes Coaches are asked to facilitate meetings without much notice and time to prepare. So to keep the scenario as realistic as possible, you will be emailed a link to view their Governance Records an hour before your assessment starts (if it doesn’t land in your inbox then you may need to check your junk folder).

Technical Setup

Here’s what you need to set up ahead of time:

  • A high-speed internet connection (suitable for video/audio conferencing like Skype)

  • A webcam

  • A good microphone

  • Headphones. If you don’t wear headphones, we will likely have echo, which will make it impossible to conduct the meeting.

  • Install the Zoom Plugin: (choose “Zoom Client for Meetings”)


The following is advice from previous Governance Assessment candidates:

  • “Internalize the process, familiarize yourself with the framing of each round, be sensitive to the energy flow, and be alert and relaxed at the same time.”

  • “Don’t over-coach.”

  • “Practice online facilitation – it is a special setting!”

  • “Prepare very well!”

  • “Integrate in each round the feedback provided by the assessors in the previous round.”

  • “Practice…”

  • “Treat it as a standard facilitation, try to not think as if they’re there to trick you.”

  • “Have a thorough study of the Constitution, and practical facilitation experience. Attend coach training (in that order).”

  • “You don’t need to know every function of Glassfrog, only basic functions needed in the assessment.”