Try Holacracy

What’s Needed:

Make Sure It’s Right For You

Adopting Holacracy is not a decision to make lightly. The only way to know is to take it for a test drive.

How We Can Help:

Discovery Session

Our 2-day experiential Discovery Session is the best way to try Holacracy first-hand and see whether it’s a good fit for your organization. We help you translate your current structure into Holacracy’s roles and circles, and get you started with the basics, including real Tactical and Governance meetings facilitated by experts.

Public Events & Resources

We offer lots of public trainings throughout the year where you can discover how Holacracy works first hand. The Holacracy Book also describes Holacracy in depth.


Holacracy Kickoff

What’s Needed:

Transition to Holacracy

Just like you can’t play soccer by only adopting a few rules of the game, you need to adopt Holacracy wholesale to make it work. However, it’s possible (but harder) to start with a pilot team or department. The current power-holder (e.g. CEO) adopts the Holacracy Constitution and teams start practicing with Holacracy tactical and governance meetings.

How We Can Help:

A Kickoff Event

We plan the launch with you to minimize time and cost. We help you transition and record your org structure into GlassFrog. Holacracy Coaches introduce Holacracy to everyone, facilitate the meetings, and train your staff to start taking over.


Stabilize Holacracy

What’s Needed:

Become Self-Sufficient

After the kickoff, your work continues like normal only now you’re using some of the basics of Holacracy. As you learn the mechanics, people are getting more comfortable processing tensions and start to see the shift from manager-driven meetings to process-driven meetings.

How We Can Help:

Coaching and Training

Our coaches facilitate your meetings early on, so you can focus on learning the Holacracy mechanics to get your work done. As you progress, our coaches are constantly building your capacity so that they can hand over the reigns of meeting facilitation to your team. Our coaches work with you in-person and virtually.

We also offer public and private trainings to build your capacity for working in a Holacracy-powered environment.


Leverage Holacracy

What’s Needed:

Become Fully Self-Organized

Adopting Holacracy is only the beginning of your journey to becoming fully self-organized. Holacracy is the platform upon which you will be able to develop new business processes fully aligned with a self-organized system. Borrow and adapt existing “apps” that other companies have developed for business processes — e.g. compensation, hiring/firing, Scrum, Lean Startup.

How We Can Help:

Process Evolution & Deeper Coaching

We offer custom support for developing and adapting key business processes to align with Holacracy (compensation, hiring/firing, strategy, etc.). We also provide general Holacracy support to refresh your practice whenever necessary.

We provide resources to support deeper practice through our App store and the Community of Practice.


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