Webinars & Presentations

Holacracy® is a self-management practice that empowers people throughout an organization to make decisions and drive change. Our free webinars and short presentations provide an introduction to the Holacracy practice.

Holacracy Intro WebinarOct 3, 20179:00-10:15 AM ETBrian RobertsonEnglishRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationNov 23, 20176:30-8:50 PM CET (Paris)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationNov 28, 20176:30-8:50 PM CET (Nantes)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationNov 30, 20176:30-8:50 PM CET (Lyon)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationFeb 8, 20186:30-8:50 PM CET (Paris)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister


Introductory Workshops

Want to get a “taste” of the Holacracy practice? During this half-day interactive workshop, you’ll test out the meeting formats and learn a few of the Holacracy basics.

Holacracy Taster WorkshopSep 27, 2017UtrechtEnergized.orgDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopSep 29, 2017AmsterdamOrganizationBuildersDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopOct 17, 2017UtrechtEnergized.orgDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopOct 18, 2017SydneyTelus PartnersEnglishRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopOct 19, 2017MelbourneTelus PartnersEnglishRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopOct 27, 2017AmsterdamOrganizationBuildersDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 7, 2017UtrechtSynnervateDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 14, 2017UtrechtEnergized.orgDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 23, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 24, 2017AmsterdamOrganizationBuildersDutchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 28, 2017NantesiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopNov 30, 2017LyoniGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopDec 8, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopFeb 2, 2018ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister


Practitioner Trainings

Ready to launch? At this 4.5 day deep dive into self-management, you’ll practice facilitating meetings, using GlassFrog®, and learning the rules of the game.

Practitioner TrainingSep 23-27, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 9-12, 2017Viennadwarfs and GiantsGermanRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 9-13, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 16-20, 2017SF Bay AreaHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 31-Nov 4, 2017SydneyHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingDec 4-8, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingJan 29-Feb 2, 2018ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
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Coach Trainings

Want to mentor others? At the Coach Training, you’ll gain the tools to make the Holacracy practice stick, sharpen your coaching skills, and practice guiding others through a mindset and behavior shift.

Coach TrainingOct 23-27, 2017SF Bay AreaHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Coach TrainingDec 11-15, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Coach TrainingFeb 5-9, 2018ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Prefer somewhere else? We choose locations based on demand. Tell us where »


Holacracy Forum

Save the date for next year’s Holacracy Forum! The first one was a resounding success. Meet practitioners from around the world for 3 days of app-building and best practice-exchange.

We will be posting videos of the 2017 Forum on the website below. 

Holacracy Forum
September 11-13, 2018AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglish