Holacracy Facilitation Assessments

The Holacracy® Facilitation Assessments are designed to both assess and reinforce your ability to facilitate and coach a circle installing the new habits required for the adoption of Holacracy. There are two assessments: the Governance Facilitation Assessment and Tactical Facilitation Assessment, which evaluate your ability to facilitate and coach live during separate simulated Governance and Tactical Meetings. Depending on your performance, you may be able to obtain the Holacracy Facilitator or Holacracy Coach credentials for a period of 2 years. Passing both Governance and Tactical Assessments at the appropriate level is required to obtain either credential.

A Learning Opportunity

More than an assessment, these simulations are also a great opportunity to practice your facilitation and coaching skills in a safe environment. You will receive ample feedback to help you hone your facilitation and coaching skills.


The Holacracy Facilitator or Holacracy Coach credentials may be obtained as a result of passing these assessments. The threshold is of course different for each credential: a certified Facilitator needs to be able to facilitate a newly practicing circle, while a certified Coach must additionally be able to provide them appropriate coaching. More details on the different expectations for each credential can be found here.

How it works

  • For the Governance Assessment you will be facilitating a 2-hour online Governance meeting for a simulated company and the whole assessment lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • The Tactical Assessment is a 1.5-hour Tactical Meeting and the whole assessment lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • Two certified Holacracy Coaches will play the circle members and will follow a standard script. The two assessors will score your facilitation & coaching during the assessment and will provide feedback after each agenda item.

  • Each assessment costs $895 US, so the combined cost of the Tactical and Governance Assessments is $1,790 in total.

Currently the assessments can only be delivered in English and may be made available in other languages in response to demand. If you would like to take an assessment in any other language, please let us know.

How to prepare

The best way to prepare for an assessment is to have lots of experience facilitating real people in real situations. In addition:

  1. We have collated over 15 ways to attain the knowledge, experience and skills to become a Holacracy Facilitator and Coach

  2. One of our Holacracy Coaches has these suggestions for how to prepare for the Governance Assessment and Tactical Assessment, with lots of expert tips on facilitation and coaching in Holacracy meetings.

  3. If you still have specific questions, then post your questions on the Practicing Holacracy Forum of the Community of Practice.

  4. You may want to join or set-up an online practice group to exercise your facilitation and coaching skills live. Examples of some can be found on the Community of Practice and here’s some guidance on setting up a practice group.

Book your Facilitation Assessments

Please note before booking:

  • If you would like an assessment sooner than one is available to book, you may pay $50 for priority scheduling.

  • Payment plans are available on request.

  • If you do not reach your desired level after taking any assessment, you may take the live assessment again after a 1-month wait. There must be at least a 1-month gap between any assessment and retakes of the same assessment.

  • There is a retake discount of 15% after taking a full-price assessment, as long as another booking is made within 3 months of the first attempt.

To request priority scheduling, a payment plan, or if you have any questions or feedback about the assessments or the Holacracy Certification Program, please contact us.