Webinars & Presentations

Our free webinars and short presentations provide a taste of the Holacracy system, structure, and underlying principles. 

Holacracy Intro WebinarJun 5, 20171:00-2:15 PM ET (New York)Brian RobertsonEnglishRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationJun 15, 20177:00-9:00 PM CET (Paris)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationSep 4, 20176:30-8:45 PM CET (Brussels)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister
Holacracy Intro PresentationSep 6, 20176:30-8:50 PM CET (Paris)Bernard Marie ChiquetFrenchRegister


Introductory Workshops

Our introductory workshops give you a chance to experience Holacracy processes first-hand via interactive presentation, hands-on exercises, and live simulations.

Holacracy Taster WorkshopMay 24, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopJun 9, 2017LondonHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopJun 14, 2017Viennadwarfs and GiantsGermanRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopJun 16, 2017SF Bay AreaHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopAug 31, 2017GenevaiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopSep 4, 2017BrusselsiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Holacracy Taster WorkshopSep 6, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister


Practitioner Trainings

Our 4.5-day immersive training conveys the full Holacracy practice and prepares you to apply its nuanced processes, via plenty of hands-on practice under the guidance and coaching of experts. Successful completion of this training viably prepares you for, but is not a requirement for, a follow-up assessment which conveys our Certified Holacracy Practitioner credential, as part of our certification program.

Practitioner TrainingMay 22-26, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingJun 12-16, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Practitioner TrainingJun 20-23, 2017Zurichdwarfs and GiantsGermanRegister
Practitioner TrainingJul 10-14, 2017LondonHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingSep 23-27, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 9-12, 2017Viennadwarfs and GiantsGermanRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 9-13, 2017ParisiGi PartnersFrenchRegister
Practitioner TrainingOct 16-20, 2017SF Bay AreaHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Practitioner TrainingDec 4-8, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
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Coach Training

To attend this training, you must have previously attended a Holacracy Practitioner Training, and earned our Certified Holacracy Practitioner credential. We can only consider exceptions to this pre-requisite for highly experienced Holacracy practitioners with at least a full year of daily Holacracy practice and regular Holacracy facilitation experience.

Coach TrainingMay 2-6, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Coach TrainingOct 23-27, 2017SF Bay AreaHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Coach TrainingDec 11-15, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglishRegister
Prefer somewhere else? We choose locations based on demand. Tell us where »


Holacracy Forum

At the 2017 Holacracy Forum, you’ll join other experienced Holacracy practitioners for 2.5 days of app-building, idea-exchange and inspiration. Bring your organizational challenges and leave with new ideas to solve them.

Participants will be required to have a minimum of 6 months of experience operating with Holacracy to attend.

Holacracy Forum
May 9-11, 2017AmsterdamHolacracyOneEnglish