Holacracy Videos

Intro Videos

Holacracy: A Radical New Approach to Management | Brian Robertson | TEDxGrandRapids

In his engaging talk, Brian Robertson explains Holacracy, a complete system for structuring a company without a management hierarchy, yet with clear accountability, authority and agility.


Brian Robertson: “Holacracy” with Bonus Q&A | Talks at Google

Holacracy pioneer Brian Robertson gave this talk at Google in New York city, where he was invited to present the core principles, structure, and practices used in Holacracy. The talk features a 28-minute presentation of Holacracy + two Q&A sessions (the best part!).

Once you finish watching this recording, you may also be interested in learning about the Holacracy governance meeting (also includes a simulation video).


Holacracy Forum

The Holacracy Forum is a peer-to-peer learning lab for the world’s most experienced practitioners to explore their unanswered questions around self-management - including approaches to hiring, performance management, budgeting and compensation; best practices for successful adoptions; and pro-tips for facilitation and coaching. 

The format is designed to surface tensions, elicit experience, and encourage brainstorming. The entire event is created to allow experienced practitioners to transform their individual experience into collective learning and accelerate the evolution of self-management.

Video Highlights, 2017 Forum (Amsterdam):

Want to join us this year? Learn about the 2019 Holacracy Forum!