“We’ve got some big changes coming, both to Holacracy itself and to our suite of support tools and offerings. We invite our many stakeholders to join this virtual session, to engage with us as we share our news and answer questions.

Our strategy for the past year has been to “help Holacracy outgrow HolacracyOne” – we’ll share how we’ve responded to that challenge, what we’re still working on, and the evolving role we hope to play in this emerging ecosystem going forward.

This event will also mark the unveiling of Holacracy version 5.0, launching in June with the release of the next Holacracy Constitution. It has some cool new features, but we’re most proud of two things: it’ll be completely open-sourced, and written with simple language that doesn’t take a law degree to decipher.

We’ll share some other news that we’re pretty excited about too, and leave plenty of time for Q&A – please join us!”

— Brian Robertson
Holacracy Spokesperson for HolacracyOne



This event was aired on May 21, 2015. Read the highlights and watch the recording: 

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