Łódź, Poland


Sylius is a group of hard-working enthusiasts who aim to build the best eCommerce solutions on the web. Their company was founded to create products and support them with professional development, consulting and training services. They help the Open Source community by sharing their code and ideas.

In 2017, Sylius transformed into a product company and released the first stable version of their product. In 2018, they launched the Solution Partner Program, already joined by over 20 awesome solution providers across Europe. In March they ratified a holacracy constitution, becoming one of the first teal organisations in Poland.

I still work a lot on the organization itself, by improving its structure but now I am able to use our collective intelligence in the transparent process of Governance Meetings, which yields fantastic results. Far superior to anything I’ve worked out alone in my office room.
— Paweł Jędrzejewski, Founder of Sylius