London, England

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Government funding experts specializing in research & development (R&D) Tax Credits, Innovate UK and EU H2020 Grants. Accelerate your business today.

We don’t have “bosses” here at GrantTree. No one is line managed by anyone. Also, each member of the team covers different roles within the company. Just like one role may be covered by multiple team members. This means that our job titles are just a way to translate information in a format that is easier to understand outside GrantTree. We use them to condense the main area of action, the years of experience and the broadness of a skill set. But a “director” is not at the top of anything, here. In fact, we don’t use these titles internally. It’s just one of the many unique aspects of our journey to Open Culture. 

With Holacracy, we don’t need a constant reminder from the CEO to keep momentum. The way things work are now explicitly and clearly documented. Strategically speaking, GrantTree has moved from only being able to make one big decision a month to making lots of smaller incremental changes each week.
— Daniel Tenner, Co-founder of GrantTree