This guide is intended as a basic guide to help you get started using Holacracy in your organization. Three things for you to consider as you use this guide:

  • Following this guide will not guarantee that you are following the principles or practices of Holacracy correctly. This guide is intended to assist with “bootstrapping” Holacracy in your organization, department, or team.
  • This is not a standalone document, just a short guide to help you get the pieces in place. See the Holacracy Constitution for the rules and processes of Holacracy, and browse our website for more resources and trainings on Holacracy.
  • Holacracy is a new paradigm for organization and can be difficult or impossible to effectively implement without support or training. For optimal results, we recommend you get help by a Certified Holacracy Coach from HolacracyOne or any of our Licensed Holacracy Providers, or, if that’s not practical, attend a Holacracy Practitioner Training prior to implementing Holacracy. Visit our website or contact us for help in finding a coach or training to meet your needs.

Date: July 2012