Recommended Pre-work

Your training assumes a basic exposure to Holacracy. If you’ve never attended a workshop or watched a webinar, or would like to to refresh your understanding, we recommend the following:

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It helps us better prepare. 

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Training Schedule

Days 1 – 4:
8:45 am Doors Open
9:00 am Event Starts
Varies     Lunch Break
5:30 pm Event Ends

Day 5:
8:45 am Doors Open
9:00 am Event Starts
1:00 pm Event Ends
1:00 pm Final Lunch (Optional)

Because of the experiential and small group nature of the training, missing modules can be detrimental to your learning experience, and negatively impact the experience of others.  Please attend the entire training – avoid arriving late or leaving early.

Participant Contact List

A self-serve attendee list will be emailed to you. Add any contact information you want to share, and check out who else will be there. The list is exclusively for participants of your training. 

Meals & Lodging

  • Substantial lunch and coffee-tea-snack breaks are provided every day.
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available at most meals.  
  • Lodging is not included in the training. When possible we reserve a block of discounted sleeping rooms at the training venue. If this is the case for your training, we will provide specific details by email. 


  • Dress comfortably – casual to business casual as you prefer.
  • We recommend wearing layers. The venue is temperature controlled, but we’ve noticed that may mean it’s too cold for some and too warm for others. 

What to Bring

  • Laptop or Tablet – Used for GlassFrog 
  • Laptop Charger – Just a reminder 😉

We can’t wait to see you there!