To maintain Coach Certification, you are required (per Certification Standards) to engage in at least 40 hours of Continuing Education each year. This could be attending/coaching at trainings, attending CoP events or more. Once you’ve earned the hours, record them in the Continuing Education Log.


Certification Standards: Policy

The Coach Certification lasts as long as the coach engages in at least 40 hours of HolacracyOne-approved continuing education for Coaches every calendar year (trainings and other continuing education completed before achieving the Coach certification but within the same calendar year do count towards this required threshold for that first calendar year of certification). This continuing education requirement is waived for 2015, and effective as of 2016.

Certification Standards: Policy


HolacracyOne-Approved Continuing Education currently includes:

  • Attending/coaching at any 4.5-day Practitioner Training (PT) delivered by HolacracyOne: 35 hours
  • Attending/coaching at any 4.5-day Coach Training (CT) delivered by HolacracyOne: 35 hours
  • Reading or engaging on the Community of Practice forums, and/or reviewing materials & recordings published by HolacracyOne. Up to 5 hours.
  • 2016 Summer University delivered by IGI: 16 hours
  • 2016 Winter University delivered by IGI: 16 hours
  • The 2017 International Holacracy Forum: 20 hours
  • Any one-on-one coaching calls with a HolacracyOne Master Coach: Actual Time

HolacracyOne-Approved Continuing Education: Official List


To Earn Continuing Education Hours:

  1. Participate in event.
  2. Log hours in the Continuing Education Log (also in your certification email)


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Best of luck with your coaching!