• Purpose-driven – Holacracy-powered organizations focus on purpose at every level of scale: organizational purpose, team purpose, and individual purpose are all explicit and aligned.
  • The result: Every team member directs their energies in alignment with the mission of your organization, unlocking the full of your organizations potential. 
  • Responsive – Every individual acts as a “sensor” for the organization and has explicit pathways to process their challenges and opportunities into organizational improvement.

    Smaller, incremental decisions replace large scale re-orgs so your organization can respond quickly to a shifting environment and develop business agility.

  • Local Decision-Making – Individuals and teams have the authority to evolve their own structure and prioritize their work in alignment with the organization’s purpose.
  • By distributing decision-making throughout the organization, you increase speed to market and free up natural-born creativity.
  • Transparent roles and responsibilities – Static job descriptions and corporate titles become dynamic roles and responsibilities that are fully transparent and evolve as the organization changes. This clarity scales with organization streamlining work and maintaining clear ownership.


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“It’s really the experience of Holacracy. You can see it from the outside in. You can read about it. You can understand it cognitively, but man, it makes such a difference when you actually are in it.”

– David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

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