This call from our “Tributaries of Holacracy” series explores the influence of GTD, the work-life management system, on Holacracy.  Brian Robertson, co-founder of HolacracyOne, welcomes Kelly Forrister, a senior GTD presenter and coach from the David Allen Company, which began implementing Holacracy throughout the organization in 2011.  In addition to tracing GTD’s growing influence on Holacracy as it evolved, Brian also invites Kelly’s reflections on the connections between GTD & Holacracy as individual and organizational operating systems.">

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In this podcast, David Allen and Kelly Forrister of the David Allen Company talk with Brian Robertson and Tom Thomison of HolacracyOne about the David Allen Company’s implementation of Holacracy, and how it complements the GTD method. Recorded in Sept 2011.

Speakers: Brian Robertson and Kelly Forrister
Date: May 2012
Duration: 55:34