This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice features HolacracyOne co-founder Tom Thomison. As Lead Link to HolacracyOne’s Application and Licensing Circles, Tom has extensive experience implementing Holacracy in various organizations, as well as a unique gift for articulating, with elegance and impact, the simplicity on the far side of complexity. Through his own practice, he noticed some crucial distinctions emerging in terms of the four spaces that become visible in the context of Holacracy practice: personal, tribe, role, and organization. In this call, Tom illuminate and differentiates each one, as well as the full spectrum of relationships that become possible within a Holacracy-powered context.

Please note: the video begins directly at the start of Tom’s presentation, while the audio includes a brief introduction as well.">

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Guests: Tom Thomison and Deborah Boyer
Date: July 2012
Duration: 59:56