The Holacracy® Facilitation Assessment is designed to both assess and reinforce your ability to facilitate and coach a circle installing the new habits required for the adoption of Holacracy.

This assessment is a live governance meeting simulation that you facilitate and coach. Depending on your performance, you may be able to obtain the Holacracy Facilitator or Holacracy Coach credentials for a period of 2 years. This assessment is reserved for people who have already passed the practitioner assessment.

A Learning Opportunity

More than an assessment, this simulation is also a great opportunity to practice your facilitation and coaching skills in a safe environment. You will receive ample feedback to help you hone your facilitation skills.


The Holacracy Facilitator or Holacracy Coach credentials may be obtained as a result of passing this assessment. The threshold is of course different for each credential: a certified Facilitator needs to be able to facilitate a newly practicing circle, while a certified Coach must additionally be able to provide them appropriate coaching. More details on the different expectations for each credential on the Licensing & Certification page.

How it works

You will be facilitating a 2-hour online Governance meeting for a simulated company. Two certified Holacracy Coaches will play the circle members and will follow a standard script. The two assessors will score your facilitation & coaching during the assessment and will provide feedback after each agenda item. If you do not pass on the first attempt, you may take the live assessment again after a 1-month wait.

After you register for the assessment, you will be provided a link to schedule a 2.5-hour time slot for the Facilitation Assessment. Please understand that the scheduling will be limited by the availability of our certified Holacracy Coaches, and will usually be limited to business hours compatible with US time zones. At this time, the assessment can only be delivered in English.

Purchase the Facilitation Assessment

   I confirm that I have passed the Holacracy Practitioner Assessment. I acknowledge that failing to pass the Holacracy Practitioner Assessment will invalidate my results to this Facilitation Assessment. In doubt, please contact us.

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NOTE: Once the payment is made, Paypal will redirect you to another page with links to schedule the live session. We recommend you proceed with the payment from a desktop browser, not a mobile, as some users have reported issues with the redirect from their mobile.

Retake discounts are available after a full price assessment

CANCELLATION POLICY: Facilitation assessments are cancellable without fee on 48 hours advance notice; later cancellations will incur the full fee for the session.