Working on GlassFrog

At HolacracyOne, we’re working on an evolutionary leap in how people organize to get work done. Holacracy bakes the adaptability and responsiveness of an agile approach into a complete organizational “operating system”- an OS that gives participants an entrepreneurial level of authority and autonomy, while providing extreme efficiency and clarity of organizational structure.

Software for a New Way to Work


In the GlassFrog Circle, we’re building the software side of that OS. GlassFrog provides the technology backbone for an organization practicing Holacracy, and a security blanket for practitioners adjusting to new structure and behaviours.

GlassFrog does a great job of this already, and we’re improving fast — examples of solutions we’ve delivered recently include an interactive org-structure visualization, meeting interfaces with real-time sync, a comprehensive notification system, a declarative rule system for permissions. We’re adding a modern restful json API to our Ruby-on-Rails server and migrating our client to a more responsive Backbone app— but we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Our roadmap is full of juicy engineering challenges that will make a big impact in the day-to-day lives of Holacracy practitioners.

Continuous Improvement

As with any good agile development team, while we’re delivering valuable software, we’re continually making improvements to our process. The difference with Holacracy is we have a clear and effective meta-process for conducting those improvements, allowing us to integrate the perspectives of each team member, and evolve rapidly with minimal churn and disruption.

What’s Next?

We’re looking for exceptional software engineers to join us. But not just engineers — we’re looking for Partners in our purpose of exquisite organization. We’re looking to grow while maintaining the great qualities of our team so far: deep engineering skills, maturity, self-awareness, and passion for putting those skills to work bringing something game-changing into the world.