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HolacracyOne is the company behind Holacracy practice. We support the movement with a certification program and licensed providers in addition to offering our own coaching services.

The primary goal of a HolacracyOne coaching engagement is to support your organization in achieving a sustainable and self-sufficient Holacracy practice as quickly as possible.

A typical adoption moves through four major phases, as outlined below. But there is rarely a typical situation—each engagement is tailored to meet your needs within the resources available.

The Holacracy coach will recognize the issue and help you find the right solution to your problem. You can see the problem, but they actually know what the solution is.
— Ruben Timmerman, Founder of Springest

Phase 1: Pre-Launch Preparation


During this initial phase, we dig in to better understand your organization and work together to develop an initial adoption plan.

A few items we'll accomplish:

  • Determine the adoption team and get to know your Holacracy Coaches

  • Develop the project road map into two-week Sprints with clear milestones

  • Define your initial Holacracy-driven organizational structure

  • Develop a communication plan and prepare for the Holacracy roll-out

Phase 2: Supported Practice


During this phase, our team provides meeting facilitation, in-depth coaching, and adoption guidance to integrate Holacracy into your organization.

We'll help you:

  • Deepen your learning of Holacracy fundamentals through topic-specific workshops

  • Facilitate your meetings (virtually and in-person) to model the practice and provide real-time coaching

  • Identify challenges and opportunities as they come up and adjust the adoption as needed

  • Build your Holacracy practice org-wide using the GlassFrog Habit Support program

  • Develop your skills through our Holacracy Practitioner Training

Phase 3: Building self-sufficiency


By this time, your organization has the core training and experience to work toward self-sufficiency. Our focus now shifts to building on your amazing people and emerging experts to help you become self-sufficient.

We will help you:

  • Coach your facilitators while they facilitate your team meetings

  • Build your internal coaching and training teams

  • Build your on-boarding strategy for new employees

  • Go deeper into the power-shift by integrating Holacracy with your core operations like hiring, firing, compensation, and performance management

Phase 4: Ongoing Support


We are here at every step as the way as new challenges come up. We can continue to support any aspect of your adoption on-going or as needed, including:

  • Providing custom workshops and additional training

  • Facilitating difficult circles or challenging meetings

  • Reviewing your Governance records and providing specific feedback

  • Helping you take the power-shift even deeper into your organization

  • Assisting you with developing an onboarding program

It was very helpful to have a support system to rely on, because, in fact, reality is much more complex than what you encounter in a class.
— Michael DeAngelo, Deputy CIO at WaTech

Our Team of Certified Holacracy Coaches

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