Holacracy Premier Provider


Together, the coaches of Energized.org have supported over 70 organizations to become fully self-organizing.

Co-founder Diederick Janse brought Holacracy to The Netherlands in 2007 and co-authored Getting Teams Done in 2013, the first book in the world about Holacracy (though unfortunately in Dutch only, at the time).

Today, Energized.org has built a name in bringing Holacracy to pioneering, fast-growing organizations such as Springest, bol.com, Voys, Ikbenfrits.nl, Voiceworks, AIMMS, SnappCar, and Vattenfall. In addition, Energized.org supports a growing Dutch community of over 1,000 practitioners and tens of organizations interested in self-organization and Holacracy, organizing regular meetups and workshops around the country.

What clients appreciate about working with the team of Energizers, next to their strong experience and expertise, is how they live what they teach. The team is always trying out different ideas and approaches, exploring how to help people own their roles even more, speed up decision-making, or deal with the human side of self-organization, including personal development, hiring and firing, and compensation.

If you choose to work with Energized.org, you don’t just get a coach to help you implement Holacracy, you get a long-term partner in becoming fully self-organizing, and unlocking power for purpose.

Our services: Consulting, Training

Holacracy Provider since: 2015

Locations served: Netherlands, Poland, New Zealand

Languages served: Dutch, English, Polish

Recognition: Premier Provider, Adoption Client Sustainability - 5 years, Holacracy Maturity - 5 years, Small Organization Adoption Support (<200), Medium Organization Adoption Support (201-999), Large Organization Adoption Support (1000+), Multi-Coach Availability, Master Coach on Staff, and Holacracy Trainer on Staff