Ready to adopt Holacracy?

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Holacracy practice is a radical new way of structuring and running your organization, and adopting it is a process. While you can bootstrap with some training and support resources, coaching support through the challenging early months can make or break your Holacracy adoption.

With support from Certified Holacracy Coaches, you’ll have a guide through each phase of the adoption process to partner with you to reach a self-sufficient and sustainable Holacracy practice.

You can compare the Holacracy facilitator to a referee. If you’re just getting started, it’s almost like you’re starting a new game and you’re asking someone at random to play the referee when they don’t even know the rules. The role of an external coach is to help you get started playing the game and then stopping you when you’re breaking the rules and explaining how and why, because you won’t know yet.
— Diederick Janse,


  • Initial organization structuring (transitioning your current structure to a Holacracy structure).

  • Engagement planning and pre-launch preparation.

  • Launch support and organization-wide rollout.

  • Meeting facilitation and shadowing.

  • Group workshops and individual coaching.

  • Follow-up support as needed, including going deeper into the power-shift.

Working with an experienced Holacracy Coach helps your team learn the mindset and practice the habits necessary for a successful transition to self-management.

Get Training

Whether you're taking the DIY approach to your Holacracy adoption or getting coaching support, trainings are crucial for success. Our Practitioner Training teaches Holacracy practice essentials, develops capacity for facilitating, and provides hands-on coaching from Holacracy experts.

The Practitioner Training not only helped accelerate the adoption and the learning. But it also provided a much deeper understanding of why.
— Michael DeAngelo, Deputy CIO at Washington Technology Solutions
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  • Learn how Holacracy practice works so you can effectively drive work forward in a self-managed company.

  • Get experience facilitating Holacracy meetings (Tactical & Governance).

  • Learn how to use key tools and resources such as GlassFrog® and the Holacracy Constitution.

  • Learn how to adopt Holacracy in your organization and avoid common pitfalls.

The Practitioner Training takes you on a deep dive into self-management with Holacracy – including meeting facilitation, using GlassFrog®, and just simple practice!