This app defines a structure and set of rules to handle basic partnership functions for an organization running with Holacracy, using 3 distinct tiers of Partner authority and commitment to stewarding the organization and the partnership. It also serves to provide a core framework and key distinctions that other apps, processes, and policies can build on top of and reference.

Design Notes

This app was designed for a relatively small organization, where everyone in a given Partner class can reasonably contribute to the various assessments required; this app may need significant adjustment to work for large organizations.

The intent of this app’s design is that a Partner’s placement in the tier structure defined herein should have no effect on the Partner’s compensation; however, compensation is outside the scope of this app.

The 3 tiers of partnership introduced by this app are intended to apply only to those granted partnership as a normal energizer of the organization’s work (e.g. through a Class P Unit grant under HolacracyOne’s structure, or as a salaried employee in a corporate structure). This allows space for more transient or specialized Partner grants to fall outside of these classifications and get defined through other means (e.g. a contractor or volunteer acting as a temporary Partner, or a representative from another organization invited to serve as a Cross Link and made a Partner while so linked, etc.).


Date: October 2013